Revel Outdoors Winter Series - Youth (14-16) and Juniors (16-18)

As a non-profit making cycling club which is run completely by volunteers, one of our main aims is to encourage youngsters into the sport. The upcoming Winter Series 2017/2018 is the ideal opportunity for us to put this into practice.

The Junior, 16 to 18 age category, both male and female, under British Cycling guidance, can compete in a 1.5 hour race alongside the adults.

In addition this year we have had discussions with British Cycling and can also offer a 1 hour race for the Youth, 14 to 16 age category.

For overall placings and series winners: this will work the same as the adults. Based upon accumulated points from your best three of the four junior rounds. Series trophies and prizes are on offer.

To qualify for the Youth or Junior category it will be dependent upon your age as of the first round (30th October 2017).


To enter the Youth or Junior category and receive the free entry simply:

  • Enter each round via the race website¬†
  • Complete all your details, accept the T&Cs and pay the entry fee(s) via PayPal.
  • On race day you will need to sign on, start the race and complete at least 1 lap
  • After the race your entry fee will be refunded via PayPal

This offer is valid for the first 30 entrants, either female and/or male riders